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My health and my life needed some serious help but how & where? My sister mentioned Dalton Brown was a personal trainer at the SoHo and that I should see him.The first time I met Dalton, I knew he was serious. I was a tough case, but I was determined to lose weight, get in shape and turn my life around for the better Dalton mapped out a rigorous training session and diet that I followed for next four months. Dalton not only trained me hard physically but he worked on me mentally. Coaching, motivating and demanding a better lifestyle from me, better nutrition, a healthier routine that I have embraced thanks to Dalton’s encouragement and support Dalton practices what he preaches and thanks to him, I have lost 45 lbs, I feel 200% better, I look better, and people look at me very differently than before. It’s such a positive physical & mental improvement Dalton’s main attribute is that he cares, he cares about your health and for that, you don’t want to let him down. It’s very motivating to be part of his group. I don’t know many trainers but I think Dalton is one of the industry’s best and I thank him for all he has done for me. What a great journey! Thanks Dalton.

John Mclenaghen
Lightland Group

I met Dalton during a very challenging period in my life. I was out of shape physically, but mentally I was exhausted. My well-being was at an all time low. I made an oath to dedicate myself to self-development. I knew physical fitness would play a vital role in my desired transformation. I needed to find a true health professional, someone dedicated to fitness, someone who could in still hope in me, keep me motivated, and hold me accountable. I told Dalton what I wanted, and he built the program. His holistic program involved an anaerobic strength training regime, varied cardiovascular activities, an emphasis on meditative exercise, and critically, nutritional advice that was specific and practical. Dalton does not subscribe to recent fads or unsustainable weight loss. His advice is based on sound science and first-hand experience, as a professional bodybuilder and athlete. >> >> Over a few sessions, it became clear that Dalton was personally invested in my success. Dalton was always punctual (even Mondays at 5:30AM), and often stayed late to make sure we achieved our desired number of sets and reps. Also, as the SoHo Fitness Centre Manager, Dalton often volunteered guidance and motivation outside of regularly scheduled sessions.


Training with Dalton can be very addictive! He trains in such a way that you want to challenge yourself and push for more. I’m in better shape now in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s!

Malik Yoba

Dalton is an incredible personal trainer with an unparalleled passion for nutrition and the well-being of people. From experience, Dalton’s positive attitude and genuine enthusiasm helps to ensure the most desirable outcome is reached in every situation. His unique practices and philosophies can be identified as the “WOW” factor and for that, I was honored to be working with such a professional as Dalton Brown. In completing my nutrition and fitness program, I learned to balance my nutritional needs with my wants, develop muscles I didn’t know I had and create short and long term goals in achieving my weight loss. Although my period of working directly under Dalton’s supervision has come to an end, my change in a healthy lifestyle is far from over and I will continue to implement everything I have learned in my day-to-day routine. I have transformed into a person that feels healthy, confident and I would highly recommend Dalton to anyone that is ready to show the world who they really are! Thanks Dalton, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Eddie Mecintac

Dalton Brown developed for me a personal training program so my exercise routines were specific to me and my goals. He motivated me to constantly advance not only my physical strength and well being through exercise and rehabilitation but by understanding my eating habits he was also able to coach me towards proper nutrition . It takes all those components to be successful. I have been training with Dalton now for 8 months and every session we address all aspects of health and wellness, I am mentally and physically stronger than ever before thanks to Dalton’s technique and professionalism. I knew it from the start; Dalton Brown is the real deal.

Alex Pierson

At the age of 40,I now have the body i wanted in my 20’s! Thanks to Dalton, I’m not just stronger, but I’m much healthier. I’ve never felt or looked better in my life and it’s all because Dalton gave me the push and encouragement I needed!


I’ve been a “gym rat” since I started going to Nautilus of Canton as a kid. Athletics and staying in good physical condition have always been important parts of my life. Last year, I decided my standard workout wasn’t paying the kind of dividends needed for my current job. After seeing Dalton’s work ethic and listening to his views on health and fitness, I felt confident he could help me take my training to the next level. Dalton, combines a number of classic strengthening tactics, while focusing on proper diet and nutrition. His is an entire MIND and BODY approach, emphasizing cardiovascular growth, strength elevation and a belief that meditation and nutrition are equally vital. I’ve found this method unique to Dalton, as he not only pushes you hard during the workouts themselves, but helps you monitor your caloric intake as well. If you’re looking for a trainer that allows you to do a couple of reps while you listen to your iPod and stare into the sky, Dalton is not the man for you. His regimen demands a true commitment, both mentally and physically. It is hard work. If you want to test yourself with the assistance of a legitimate strength and health professional, Dalton is the very best. For those of you who decide to stay, “Welcome to the House of Pain.

Mike Kelley

Dalton, or as I like to call him “Sargent”, is my answer to staying in the best shape possible while I’m shooting in Toronto. His innovative style of training works to shred fat and tone muscle.Everything he does worked. From the “five minute bike ride to hell”, to burning and sculpting my core on the fitness ball. You’re a heck of a trainer sir, thanks.

Mike Morias