Titles Won

  • 2005 Fame Proshow Heavyweight 3rd place
  • 2001 WNSO Overall Heavyweight champion
  • 2000 Musclemania Heavyweight champion
  • 1999 Musclemania Heavyweight champion
  • 1998 Western Ontario Championship #2 Ordinal
  • 1996 Toronto Heavyweighy and Overall champion

Extra TV calls him the Trainer to the Stars, but his clients call him the Miracle Worker. Meet Dalton Brown, founder of Dalton's Gym, pro bodybuilder and IFPA certified personal trainer and his exclusive customized Extreme Health System that will help you make the changes you want with an all-natural, organic training program that guarantees extraordinary results. Dalton has trained with various celebrities and high profile individuals such as Madonna, Pink, Carrie Underwood, Queen Latifah, Eddie McClintock, Mia Kirshner and more.

Dalton trains At Toronto's five-star Soho Metropolitan Hotel Fitness Centre

A hyper-hygenic gym nestled in a private setting. He'll take you from flabby to fantastic with weight training, cardiovascular training, plyometrics, core exercises and maybe even some boxing conditioning. 

Dalton began training to enhance his boxing

It all started with strength and conditioning exercises for boxing. The results were startling, prompting him to take his next step in training for and competing in international bodybuilding competitions. That's when Dalton decided to start Dalton's Gym and Extreme Health System.

“This was a defining moment for me,” he says. “I had come so far in body and spirit that I wanted to help others do the same.”